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Dr. Elizabeth Chen Christenson recommends Brenda Penman

Dr. Ed Christenson recommends Brenda Penman

Aaron Gallegos recommends Brenda Penman

Aida Meza-Gallegos recommends Brenda Penman

Linka Van As recommends Brenda Penman

Having just recently completed my Web Designer Certificate from the University of Calgary, I would like to take a moment to recognize one of your course instructors, Brenda Penman.

One of the most obvious qualities that I found with Brenda was that she is a “teacher”. Not only is instruction her background, but it is her passion as well. In every class, after introducing new content, she would give us the time to actually work with the new tools and absorb what was just taught. New material was always introduced in a very clear and concise manner. She actually made the delivery and instruction of the content look easy until I realized how much preparation she did for each class. For a few classes she had created “mock'” websites ahead of time which we would later manipulate in class. Brenda is very organized and efficient.

Brenda’s knowledge of the subject matter is very detailed. Her information base is extremely broad yet detailed as well as current. She attends international conferences and is always up to date which is imperative in the web and programming industry.

Brenda was always punctual and approachable. She encouraged questions and treated every student in a respectful and courteous manner.

Brenda is an exceptional instructor and I thoroughly enjoyed being in all of her classes. I left her classes with the confidence and skills I needed to embark on new business opportunities.

Linka Van As
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Marita Steffe recommends Brenda Penman

Brenda Penman, helped me with setting up my website in WordPress.
I have no experience with websites HTML and normally technical issues scare me.

She is wonderful to work with – patient, kind and really knowledgeable about
computers, website design and software tutoring. Brenda has worked as a teacher before, so she is great at teaching people who are new to the computer world.
I highly recommend her services, absolutely worth the investment.

Marita Steffe
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