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Teacher, Speaker, Consultant —
Social Media Expert, Internet Marketing Strategist, Web Design Master, Microsoft Office Guru

Brenda Penman

For the past decade, Brenda Penman has trained internet and computer applications professionally to corporate and small business owners. A recognized authority in training applications and internet technologies, she has been respected for her ability to help students at any skill level learn with patience and respect. Brenda has directly impacted the learning of more than 10,000 students with her unique approach to teaching so that anyone can learn, and enjoy the process.

Brenda’s journey as a teacher began in a Grade 2 classroom after graduating with a Bachelor of Education degree. The excitement of Grade 2 students when they learned something new made a lasting impression on her. Now teaching adults, she strives to see the same excitement in her students as they learn new computer applications.

What began as a desire to help people transform their learning experiences has grown into Brenda’s lifelong passion as she is called on by entrepreneurs and corporations from every walk of life – presidents, CEOs, trainers, and parents. Brenda has produced training materials that even Microsoft has said exceeded anything they could deliver. She has been noted by the University of Calgary as one of their “Top Trainers” in the Continuing Education program; by TransCanada as “The Best Applications Trainer”; and by entrepreneurs as someone who can “Help Anyone Learn” is sought after for her unique and empowering teaching style.

Brenda has studied on what makes successful learners. She believes that a person can learn anything as long as they have the right teacher. She knows what her students need, what drives them, and what inspires them. Students have told Brenda that they believed they couldn’t learn, until they attended her classes. Even after taking just one class with Brenda, they would leave with self-confidence and renewed self-esteem.

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